A Reunion is a time to reconnect with friends, those we might have grown up with, attended Elementary, Junior High and High School with...Come join us for the greatest 50th Class Reunion ever! Here is a listing of who has already RVSP'ed:

Cammie Ruiz
Nora Chapa
Nelda Martinez
Edmund Gaona
Diana Quintanilla
Cynthia Gonzalez
Dan J. Solis
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Olga Benavides (Mendoza)
Leticia Blanco (Albin)
Nora Chapa (Emerson)
Barbara Gonzales (Montez)
Rose Guzman (Villalobos)
Vicki Hall (Perry)
Rita-marie Jimenez (Arevalo)
Diana Perez (Quintanilla)
Dan J. Solis