50 Year Class Reunion
                    Welcome to our website Moody High School Class of 1970!

                                            A Message from the Chair 

Dear Classmates & Honored Guests,

On behalf of the Moody Class of '70 Reunion Committee, I would like to thank you for attending and supporting our belated 50 Year Reunion September 9th & 10th. Although two years late, it was an overwhelming success due in large part to your undying support and participation. It was great seeing all of you and being able to renew our ties together as the FIRST full-graduating class of Foy H. Moody High School! The Moody Spirit was certainly alive and well at our dinner/dance as in all our past reunions. We were so thrilled to experience it once again.
It was definitely a "blast", "groovy" and all those other words we used back then! The positive feedback made all the hard work, long hours and intense preparation all worth it. Clearly we could not have done this without the selfless dedication of our committee, they all worked so very hard to present the best possible reunion for you, our classmates......thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please know our website will be in operation for at least the next three years, so visit soon and often as we will be posting photos, video and other information in the coming days. Our website is: moodyhighclassof70reunion.com. There are many links but two in particular we would like you to click on "Where are They?" and "Flashback Fridays". The first is a listing of classmates that we do not have any information on and ask for your help in locating them. The second is a page that has photos from "Back in the Day"...photos from our high school days and growing up. Feel free to submit photos of yourself, friends, events from our days at Moody so we can share those memories. We also know many of you shot photos at our reunion events, please share so we might add to our website. 

For your information and as a reminder, our photographer, Earl Parr, will be diligently working the production on all the photos and the remembrance book from the reunion....it will be a while before it is ready for us to review and help with the actual lay-up of the pages, so please be patient. 

Once again, it was great seeing all of you!

Until we meet again,

Diana Perez-Quintanilla
Moody Class of '70 Reunion Committee
                                                  Reunion Committee

Alicia Bocanegra (Guajardo)                   Amparo Hernandez (Villela)                  Mary Del Chavez (Cantu)
Barbara Montez (Gonzales)                    Belinda Estrada (Castillo)                     Nelda Medina (Martinez)
Cammie Munguia (Ruiz)                        Cynthia Gonzalez (Sanchez)                 Richard H. Silvas
Nina Ramon                                         Dora Hilda Gerber (Pena)                    Edmund Gaona
Esther Martinez (Wilman)                      Nora Emerson (Chapa)                        Henry Salinas        
Danny Solis                                         Diana Perez-Quintanilla       

                        Class of '70 getting ready for the Official Photographer to take our photo